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Nirahua Chalal Sasuraal

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admin shohag
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Synopsis: This is a very interesting story of a boy named Nirhua from a small village. Nirhua was liked by all in the village as he was very caring and very helpful to all the people there. There comes a girl named Sunaina in that village leaving her village as she had lost everything that she once had. She approached the people of this village for help. Nirahua thus helped her by allowing her to stay in his house. But the other people of the village definitely questioned their living together. Thus to protect the girl from any undue questions he married the girl. Later they realize that the girls" parents were alive and wished to take Sunaina back to their home town. Sunaina explains her earlier circumstances and her marriage to Nirahua to her father but he does not pay any heed to the reality. He wants to get Sunaina marry a rich boy and settle down in life. Now Nirahua had to go to her city, fight against all odds and get her wife back. This is the story all about and hence it is Nirahua Chalal Sasural. -
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